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Rochester Information

Rochester is Minnesota's third-largest city.  It is perhaps best known as the home of the reknowned Mayo Clinic.


In March, you can expect typical high temperatures in the upper 30's and low temperatures in the lower 20's.  March can be a snowy month in Minnesota, so be prepared to see some of the white stuff!

Getting Around

Subway/Skyway - Rochester has climate controlled skyways and underground walkways known as subways. Downtown businesses, hotels, shops and dining are all accessible without having to step outdoors in the winter. A variety of shops and businesses are also located along the underground subways and skyways.

Bus Line - Rochesterís city-owned bus line connects many attractions, hotels, meeting facilities and major industries.

Taxi Service - There are two taxi companies in Rochester, Yellow Cab and RTS Airport Express Rochester.  City ordinances set a minimum charge of $3.50 for each taxi load. Charges begin with a $1.50 meter flip and accrue at $1.95 per mile.

For information on how best to get to Rochester,
please see the NARCON Travel page.

Rochester Area Map (186K pdf)

Downtown Rochester Map (250K pdf)

Close-up Map showing Parking and Loading Zones (145K pdf)

Other Info

Alcohol Laws - The drinking age in Minnesota is 21 years of age. Supermarkets and grocery stores sell 3.2 beer. Bars stop serving alcohol at 2:00 a.m. Monday-Saturday, and at midnight on Sundays.

Taxes - In Minnesota you can enjoy no sales tax on clothing, groceries, or medicine. The current state sales tax on other items is 6.5%, in addition to a local sales tax of .5% and lodging tax of 4%.

Smoking - Rochester, MN is located in Olmsted County. The Olmsted County Smoke-Free Restaurant Ordinance prohibits smoking in dining establishments that earn more than half their revenues from food sales. The ordinance excludes bars that have liquor sales exceeding food sales and private clubs that are open to serve only members, and restaurants that are closed to serve a private gathering.

The local time zone is CST - Central Standard Time.

There are over 165 restaurants in the city of Rochester, so you won't go hungry!



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