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Guest Speaker - John Weyrauch

Mr. John Weyrauch is the Vice President of Engineering at ATK Advanced Weapons Division located in Plymouth Minnesota.  Advanced Weapons makes a wide range of defense products including air to ground missiles, precision munitions, intelligent barrier defenses, electronic safe and arm devices, multifunction fuzes, proximity sensors, tank ammunition, advanced warheads and directed energy weapons.

In the 70ís, Mr. Weyrauch was a member of the team that developed the Space Shuttle Orbiter Entry through Landing Guidance and Control system and the Space Shuttle Glide Return to Launch Site Abort Mode. Other projects in his career have included research guidance, navigation, and control systems for hypersonic vehicles including the National Aero-Space Plane and boost glide vehicles; research cockpit and control systems for high speed civil transports; development of miniature inertial systems for high-G weapon applications; development of fault tolerant inertial navigation systems; and engine and flight control systems for the Harpoon missile. In his 34-year technical career, Mr. Weyrauch has worked for ATK, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, and McDonnell Douglas. The technical experiences he has found most interesting include working with the astronaut office during development and testing of the space shuttle orbiter guidance and control system; being present at the launches for Apollo 13 and 17 and Space Shuttle missions STS-1, STS-4, STS-13, STS-24, and STS-26; flying jump seat on the Concord from New York to London; and testing precision guided munitions at Yuma Proving Ground.


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