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Seminars involve a speaker presenting information on a subject about which he/she is knowledgeable. There is usually a question and answer session at some point during the seminar.

  • Expired Motor Testing Program Report - Ted Cochran

  • The Baikonur World Championships - Trip Barber
    A description of the U.S. Spacemodeling Team's trip to the 2006 World Spacemodeling Championships, held at the Russian's space launch base at Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Includes both a discussion of the rocket flying at the championships and the tour of the Russian spaceflight facilities and their "spaceflight city" in the desert.

  • 4th Grade Rocketry Program - Ted Mahler
    The experiences of teaching Model Rocketry to 4th graders over the course of 14 years.

  • NAR Jr High Power Certification - Caleb Boe
    A discussion of getting your NAR Junior HPR certification by a NAR member who has done it.

  • Using PowerPoint to Design Model Rockets - Eric VanDommelen
    A simple step-by-step guide on how to quickly visualize rockets in a common software that is available to most people.

  • Advanced PowerPoint Techniques for Rocket Design - Eric VanDommelen

  • Designing and Packing a Model Rocket Kit - Jim Flis
    Designing a rocket is easy. Designing and packaging a rocket kit is much, much harder.

  • Storing HPR Motors and the ATF - John N. Hochheimer, PhD

  • Safety Risks of Sport Rocketry - Keith Florig
    Discussion of a computer model developed to estimate the national incidence of injury from mishaps at launch events, based on number of flights, launch attendance, launch site configuration, etc.

  • Convincing Your Town to Allow Model Rocketry - M. Fernandes

  • The Ancient and Honorable Art of Kitbashing - Mark Bundick

  • Risks of Storing AP vs Other Common Household Materials - Steven Florig
    A discussion about a number of experiments that were performed to determine the relative risks of storing AP-based composite motors versus other common household materials and black powder motors.

  • FAI / Internats Construction Techniques - Trip Barber
    A description of the design and construction techniques used by modelers from around the world in building models for international competitions, including the World Spacemodeling Championships, which are sponsored by the FAI and run under their unique rules. This will help anyone interested in competing as part of a future US Team understand what skills they have to learn in order to fly these events.

  • Securing & Maintaining Rocketry Fields - Troy Fernandes

  • Tube-Finned Rockets - Alan Estenson
    Design, Simulation, Construction, Flight Qualities, "Care and Feeding" of rockets with tubular fins.

  • EX (Experimental) Motor Construction - Richard Hagensick
    A discussion of current EX motor construction techniques and also of Richard's 'P Nominal' very large EX project.

  • Composite Motor Staging, Airstarts, and Clusters - Ron Freiheit and Andy Limper
    Ignition techniques for all those difficult-to-do things with composite motors.

  • Hybrid Rocket Motors - Brian White
    A summary of the experiences of WHOOSH members using hybrid motors - building, prepping and launching.

  • Rocket Design and Flight Simulation using RockSim and RockSim Pro - Tim Van Milligan

  • L1 to L3 Certification - Tim Sapp
    Tips and techniques for getting your L1 to L3 certifications. Seminar will cover the certification process(es), required paperwork, and ideas for successful certifications the first time.

  • Rockets for Schools - Carol Lutz

  • First Time Fiberglassing - Tim Sapp

  • A Baker's Dozen: Models and Strategies for New Competitors - Mark Bundick

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