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Sport Launch

A Sport Launch will be held on the Saturday of NARCON with the assistance of Tripoli Southern Minnesota (TSM).  A high power waiver will be in effect, and motor vendors will be present at the flying field.  This event is for those NARCON attendees who wish to get out in the fresh air and fly some rockets.  There is an additional $10 fee for those wishing to fly rockets at the Sport Launch.  This fee will not be collected in advance; it will be payable at the launch site.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sport Launch Coordinator, Andy Limper at limper.andrew@mayo.edu


The Sport Launch will be held at the TSM flying field near Maple Island, MN.  Maple Island is near the intersection of I-90 and I-35.  The launch site is about a one-hour drive from the host hotel in Rochester (roughly 60 miles).

The launch site is on the property of R&M Farms. Please remember, we are able to use this field by the good graces of the landowners. Please respect their property and pick-up after yourself when leaving the launch site. Report any damage to property immediately to the LCO or RSO. Your cooperation will help TMS to continue using their launch site!


The launch will be held on the Saturday of NARCON, March 10.  A Flyers meeting will be held at 10am.  The launch will commence immediately after the meeting and last through 4pm.


9,000 feet MSL (about 8,000 feet AGL).  A window may be arranged to 12,000 feet MSL (about 11,000 feet AGL) if desired.

Motor Limits

Only motors on the combined CAR/NAR/TRA Certified Motor List will be permitted.  Flights using motors of "K" class and above must be approved in advance of the launch.  Up to "M" class motor flights can be accommodated with advance warning.


A $10 fee will be collected from NARCON attendees wishing to fly at this launch.  This fee will be collected at the launch site.  This fee is separate from and in addition to the regular NARCON registration fee.  This fee is nonrefundable.

Certifications Available

Fliers may attempt their NAR Level 1 or 2 high power certifications at this launch.  (Level 3 by prior arrangement.)  Please contact Andy in advance if you plan to attempt a cert flight of any level at this launch.

Other Stuff

  • Walstons will be available for short term rent on site for higher altitude flights, or for people who paint their rockets white for a MN winter launch.

  • The TSM website has a launch list initiated to list the rockets people plan to fly.  We have primed the pump with a couple of HPR rockets to wet the appetite.  http://www.tsmrockets.com/

  • "Porta-John" sanitary facilities will be on site.

  • HOT FOOD VENDOR arranged -- and man, does our Rocket Grill Maven know how to



In case of inclement weather (wind, snow, rain), this launch will be canceled.  If the launch is held, but ends earlier than expected due to encroaching bad weather, collected launch fees will not be refunded.

March is still winter in Minnesota, so expect to see snow on the ground.  Average temperatures may be in the mid 30's, but they can range from the mid 20's to the mid 40's.  Dress warmly!

Onsite Vendors

Rocket Technologies - Tim Young of Rocket Technologies, LLC will be an onsite vendor at the Sport Launch.  http://www.rocket-technologies.com/  Tim sells motors of all sizes from companies such as Estes, Aerotech, and Cesaroni.  He also sells kits from a variety of companies.  If you have questions or specific motor needs, please contact him at  tim_young@und.nodak.edu  Thanks, Tim!


PDF file of this map

Driving Directions to the Launch Site from the Host Hotel

PDF file of driving directions

Maneuvers (Distance)

  1. Start out going NORTH on 2ND AVE SW toward W CENTER ST. (<0.1 miles)

  2. Turn RIGHT onto W CENTER ST. (0.1 miles)

  3. Turn RIGHT onto S BROADWAY / US-63 S.  Continue to follow US-63 S. (9.6 miles)

  4. Merge onto I-90 W toward AUSTIN. (31.9 miles)

  5. Take the US-218 N exit- EXIT 177- toward OWATONNA. (0.2 miles)

  6. Turn RIGHT onto US-218 N. (5.5 miles)

  7. Turn LEFT onto MN-251 / 280 ST.  Continue to follow MN-251. (8.5 miles)

  8. Just prior to getting into MAPLE ISLAND, look for first dirt/chat road east of Maple Island turning off to the LEFT (south).  This chat road has a line of telephone poles.  Follow this line of poles directly to the launch site (it dead ends at the Maple Island Missile Range.  (We will mark this road with a sign.)

    Takes about one hour to drive.  If anyone gets lost -- feel free to call Andy's cell phone number (507) 269-1271


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